WELCOME to Shimaana-Bouquet Decore-

■Shimaana - Bouqet Decore - is making a wedding bouquet.
 It was triggered by Western creators posting bouquets that used a lot of brooch
 for SNS.
 This is a brooch of memories awarded by grandfather.
 This is my favorite brooch that Dad bought for the first time.
 I wish for the happiness of my bride grandchild・・
 I will cheer for my daughter's new life's beginning・・
 Perhaps I wish for happiness, brought together a memorial brooch with
 Artificial Flower.

■Shimaana's bouquet is exotic.
 Sparkling brooch,
 Carefully selected artificial flowers,
 One of Japanese traditional crafts "TSUMAMI-ZAIKU" and
 It embodies solid embroidery and creates its own view of the world.

■Designer Kaori Tahara always wants an exotic.
 What I treasure is
  ""Je veux gouter plienement "La joie d'etre femme" chaques instans"".
  It is passion. My hometown NAGASAKI rhythm.
  That's Ecstasy. What I learned with Esthetic.
  It is heart.
  It is a work expressing my sensitivity.